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Necessary Evil cover Character Profiles

Kier Wintripp
Jessie Mayfield

Grandfather, a.k.a., Stalking Bear

Grandfather, grandfather to Kier Wintripp and the father of his mother otherwise known as Stalking Bear, is the Spirit Walker of the Tilok tribe. A Spirit Walker is a ceremonial and spiritual title used by the Tilok tribe to describe a spiritual mystic who normally teaches a few chosen young men the art of hunting, tracking and survival in addition to spiritual values and what we might call intuitive skills.

The tribe doesn't always have a Spirit Walker. They come along now and then in history, and until a successor is recognized, the elders teach the skills imparted from the last Spirit Walker.

Normally a Spirit Walker is a loner and when not teaching is something of a wanderer. Grandfather often disappears into the wilderness for days at a time. In contrast to Stalking Bear, Kier's mother Spring is all twentieth century, employed as a business manager in a white man's grocery store. While Spring emphasized modern education and the virtues of science, she allowed Grandfather to school Kier in the ways of the Tilok tribe, teaching him the Tilok lore and wilderness, survival, hunting and tracking skills.

Fundamentally, Grandfather is a peaceful man and will go to almost any length not to kill his enemies.

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