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–   C H A P T E R    I I   –

Maria jumped as if stabbed. He imagined her eyes widening with the realization of the coming assault. From under the leather trenchcoat a policeman's side-handled baton appeared. Her attacker, his face hidden under the brim of his hat and a nylon stocking, swung the weapon. Maria was quick, though, and she deflected the baton with the briefcase. The assailant moved in. A swift jab of the baton caught Maria hard in the ribs. As she staggered the assailant snatched the case and ran.

Dan sprinted, reckless from adrenaline. But he was too late. A black Chevy with a shine on the chrome, came to a squealing stop, the assailant leaped through the open rear door. Inside the thief's head turned, partially revealing through the nylon stocking the finer details of his face—the nose and a slender face and jaw. In that moment, as Dan's fingers missed the closing door by inches, he realized that the assailant was a woman.



Tires squealed, and the Chevy raced away.

Dan took Maria's arm, looking her over to make sure she was all right. She indicated that she was fine.

A couple stood befuddled across the street, a shop keeper shook a small carpet in front of his store.

"Follow her," Dan screamed. "Where?"

Somehow she understood that he was asking about her car. She pointed even as he moved toward the Ford Taurus.

"Keys," he said, watching the black sedan turn the corner. He opened the passenger side and slid across to the driver's seat. "Stay here."

"I'm coming." She slid in as he hit the accelerator.

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